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Consistent Quality

Making You Famous For Our Grass

We make other people famous for our grass. Their reputation is only as good as the product in the bag, and our success depends on their success. That's why we're so demanding when it comes to consistent quality - bag after bag.

Who We Trust

Developing a high performance turf seed is no mean feat, and were proud of the investment we make in that ongoing innovation. But that's just the beginning. It's a long way from when we hold that original stock of seed in our hand to producing thousands of tons of seed - just as pure - year in, year out.

You wouldn't hand that initial seed off to just any grower.

You have to have partners you can trust. ProSeeds does.

We know the growers we can trust and the growers to pass by. Our carefully chosen network of growers have been working with us for years, building ProSeeds' business season after season. These growers have proven themselves capable of the highest standards of production, and though we're sure we can expect the best from them, they still find ProSeeds looking over their shoulder.

That's because it's not the grower's name on the bag, it's ours. And we know it's ultimately not our name on the bag - it's the name of our customer.

A crop of grass is evaluated throughout its growth cycle, and we put a lot of miles on our trucks; moving from field to field. The care our growers take of their fields throughout the year, carefully keeping it free of contaminant crop, is where consistent quality starts.

After harvest, the crop is tested throughout the weigh-in, then retested during processing. Our growers expect this kind of attention from ProSeeds, and the pride they take in their crop wouldn't have it any other way. After all, few can appreciate the difficulty involved in bringing in a clean crop, and it may be the only chance our growers get to get a round of applause. And our growers know - their success is intertwined with ours.

Who You Trust

That's a good reflection of the relationship we have with our customers; when we ask for a customer's trust, we know how much we're asking. It's our heritage to honor that trust.

ProSeeds consistently delivers purities which exceed official standards. Our certification, testing and quality controls continue to raise the benchmark for the entire Industry. From the first bag of a new variety or blend, through thousands of bags and a dozen years later - your turf looks just as sharp, delivers just what you wanted; because we bring the same high standard of quality to bear on every bag.

Quality or Economy?

Top quality, picture-perfect turf comes from the highest quality seed. We've got it.

Sod quality means you'll look beyond the usual Certified Seed Programs. We've got that too.

But is it possible to compromise for economy's sake? It's an option that others take, but ProSeeds has a better way.

Because of the wide range of blends we offer, we've got just what you'll need to meet your budget. We know how to weigh cost against desired outcome; matching the attributes you require in your project with your budget. There's a broad span of mechanical quality standards in the turf and forage seed market, and ProSeeds is a partner you can trust to get the exact quality of turf you intend to achieve. Consistently.

TWCA, turfgrass water conservation alliance