ProSeeds and Double Time Ryegress, technology advanced to outperform

Winter Color from Double Time

DOUBLE TIME – today’s choice for overseeding

Double Time Bermuda Grass

It transitions early, permanently and naturally without the added expense of chemical applications and does not return the following year as typical overseeding grasses have in the past.

When the need for high quality ryegrass designed for overseeding golf courses, athletic fields, parks, lawns and other areas DOUBLE TIME is the choice; completing the transition easily and permanently. DOUBLE TIME has a dark deep green color and a fine textured leaf which is needed to persist in the fall and transition through the spring.

Winter Turf Color

Top NTEP perennial ryegrass varieties stop growing when soil temperatures drop below 43º F. Not Double Time! Double Time stays green all winter long. Enhance your winter turf color and performance with Double Time.



Recommended Uses


Double Time at Silver Rock

Double Time at Silver Rock

Silver Rock resort employs Double Time to combat the intense seasonal temperature shifts of California's Palm Desert. Summer temperatures range of 100, while winter nights are frequently below freezing.

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