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Proseeds Heritage

The Strength of Heritage

More that twenty years of experience with research, production, processing, consultation, shipping, distribution, and marketing adds up to a heritage of leadership in the grass seed industry. We take that heritage seriously, and extend it with every customer we talk with, with each order we ship, and every project we care for.

The Resources of Big

Our heritage of leadership has made Proseeds the largest independently owned turf and forage seed company in Oregon, delivering over 100 million pounds of grass seed all over the world for more than 25 years. Our portfolio of more than 70 varieties of proprietary seed includes many of the most widely known varieties in the industry, with the best genetics in all major species categories.

Our size and impact in the market allows us to insist on reliable quality – purity ratings which exceed official standards. And because of our size, we partner with only the best of seed growers in the heart of Oregon's grass seed land, and establish working relationships with these growers that span years.

Because we're well established, we can reach years ahead, developing new varieties to suit tomorrow's marketing environment; then bring those varieties to market once they've proven themselves.

Because we're big, we've been able to develop the kind of partnerships with our select distributors that bring about an efficient, responsive wholesale distribution system.

The Savvy of Small

All our muscle in the industry gets our customers a standard of quality and a range of product that they couldn't get elsewhere.

But we don't let our size get in the way of responsiveness.

When you work in the heart of the best grass land in the world, you learn a few things about common sense and hard work. That shows in how we go about working with you, and how we keep first things first.

For Proseeds, the first thing is determining what a customer needs. We find the best alternative for you among the broad spectrum of mechanical quality standards in the turf and forage seed market, and you're able to decide based on the quality turf you want to achieve.

From giant projects like NFL stadiums or National Retail Chains to small orders for a local Feed & Seed store, we consult and advise; working till we find the product that best suits your needs. Our technical support staff gets you the best agronomic and turf advice in the industry, and we get it to you quickly.

We know the pitfalls in buying grass seed and help you avoid them. We know your marketing problems and help you solve them.
Once we're sure what you need, we mobilize our considerable resources to fit the bill.

That means small projects get the same attention and excellent service that big projects demand. Our flexibility of response is the best in the business.

Double Time Ryegrass, outstanding turf quality