Proseeds private labeling
Private Labeling at ProSeeds

Private Label

We're in the business of making you famous for our turf, and we follow through like no one else.

Your market share depends not only on top quality turf seed, but on having a unique product that stands out from the rest. ProSeeds has an unmatched track record of making private label success happen.

We work with you developing your label and logo design. We help you determine the best package type and size from a broad range of materials and styles. We focus on your product and marketing targets with our years of experience bringing winners to the marketplace.

Once the packaging design is approved; we order, print, and stock your packaging, ready for product. At every step of packaging, you benefit from the volume savings of an industry leader.

We can provide advertising and point of sale support from our on-staff designer, boosting awareness and sales in your particular market area.

This full range of merchandising, from superior product start to strong marketing finish, is part of the heritage of leadership of ProSeeds; and makes ProSeeds the best choice in Private Labeling.

Private Labeling at ProSeed