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Shilo II is an improved orchardgrass that offers improved year-round full season dry matter yields, performing well in trials throughout the US. Shilo II is compatible with adapted legumes like alfalfa, red clover, birdsfoot trefoil and ladino type clover.  Early spring green-up, good winter active growth and and a disease-free forage sword make Shilo II an excellent forage choice for your pasture.

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For years, Warrior set performance standards in all aspects of forage production, and continues to exhibit the same qualities year after year.  Outstanding forage and dry-matter yield, along with improved palatability, digestibility and protein content that increase in the second and third year.

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Warrior II is an intermediate flowering, soft-leaved, upright growing forage grass derived from the Warrior line of high-yielding orchardgrass.   This next generation variety boasts all the traits of Warrior Orchardgrass, with improved resistance to disease and grazing pressures.

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