DIVA Kentucky Bluegrass

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Water conservation without sacrifing appearance or multi-application versatility? That’s DivaDIVA Kentucky Bluegrass, TWCA and Water Miser certified

DIVA Kentucky Bluegrass

Compare conventional Kentucky Bluegrass water usage of 18,000 gallons with Diva's thrifty 8,000 gallon use. Saving 10,000 gallons of water is just part of the picture. Appearance criteria – days to 50% green – shows ProSeeds' Diva outlasts the competing America, Midnight Star, and Texas Hybrids. Over a 90 day trial, Diva decreased water usage by 50% compared to Solar Green, Reveille Midnight, Eagleton, and Bluestone.


DIVA Kentucky Bluegrass, water conservation
10,000 gallon tank shows Diva's water savings over competing varieties.

Diva is an improved dark green Kentucky bluegrass variety (see DIVAtech sheet) classified as a “Compact type” of improved Kentucky bluegrass that exhibits a compact short plant height and medium to fine leaf texture. Diva exhibits early spring green-up, leaf spot resistance and moderate susceptibility to billbug. It is a cold hardy, persistent, attractive grass that through the development of an extensive rhizome system forms a well-knit, durable sod. It is adapted to a wide range of soils and climatic conditions.


Diva is an excellent choice for use in elite or utility Kentucky bluegrass blends for sod producers, sports turf, landscaping, golf course fairways, tees and roughs. It is also highly recommended for seed mixtures that contain improved perennial ryegrass, chewing fescue, hard fescue, sheep fescue, strong creeping red fescue and tall fescue.

Other Performance Characteristics
Diva tied for 1st in overall mean turf quality in the 2000 NTEP Kentucky Bluegrass test conducted across 32 U.S. and Canadian locations respectively. It also tied for 1st in mean turf quality in regional tests located in the Northeast and Great Plains regions
where Kentucky bluegrass is the most preferred cool-season turfgrass species. Diva also exhibits good resistance to leaf spot, summer patch and moderate resistance to stripe smut, dollar spot and fusarium blight. For sod producers and sports field professionals Diva tied for the best spring green-up rating across 25 U.S. locations and also topped the shear strength and traction evaluation trials.